My life as a creativity junkie on the path to abundance and fulfillment.

This is me

Who am I?

Hmm where to start…

I am a yoga instructor, personal trainer, entrepreneur. I love anything DIY, interior decorating, organizing. I’m honestly such a nerd I know. I eat fairly clean most of the time and I say fairly because I travel a lot and tend to indulge! I will be going back to school in the near future to become a certified nutritionist and cannot wait to share that experience with you. I love to cook and create healthy alternatives to comfort food.

I love yoga! LOVe LoVE lOVe it!  As a child I experienced so much back pain from scoliosis, I would have to take school off for weeks at a time and remember one summer where I essentially spent my time in bed and even that was painful. I learned how to gradually get the smallest movements which were previously terrifying to me.  With a past in weight training pretty much 4-5 times a week doing some kind of workout, HIIT, cardio, weights or what have you. I injured myself numerous times. I still weight train and love it but through my practice of yoga, I have found a more balanced way of feeling powerful and in control of my body. Bonus: I learned how to be relaxed!

Eventually, the other lifestyle aspects of yoga were introduced to me through social media and my community and that brought about a more aware sense of self.

Within the last two years, I was certified 200hr Yoga Teacher and started teaching. I was also introduced to an amazing company and now I own my own business. All things I am truly proud of and excited to continue to grow into! I can’t really put into words who I am but I know that I want to live a life more fulfilling than what I previously thought was possible. I hope to share some different influences that helped me become the best version of myself… at least momentarily because I know I have a lot of growth and change to come.